No Blackface for Lady Gaga’s ‘Imagine’ Gig at National Equality Event

Well at least she didn’t go out there in black face. Gay rights activists are TFU enough already, so I’m sure they didn’t need additional civil rights hypocrisy to compound the deep schisms in the Democratic Party’s homosexual coalition. As the Washington Post indicates, “For Gay Activists, The Lady Is a Champ: Fans Go Gaga As Singer Joins the March.”
It turns out that Gaga sang the Lennon anthem “Imagine” for the HRC black tie affair, where President Obama also made a showing. Then just today, John Harwood, interviewed by Lester Holt, reported that the White House has totally dissed the movement:
HOLT: But in general when yo look at the left as a whole, have there been conversations about some things they thought would have been done but haven’t?

HARWOOD: Sure but If you look at the polling, Barack Obama is doing well with 90% or more of Democrats so the White House views this opposition as really part of the “internet left fringe” Lester. And for a sign of how seriously the White House does or doesn’t take this opposition, one adviser told me today those bloggers need to take off their pajamas, get dressed and realize that governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult.

I’ve noted many times that President Obama’s totally spineless on gay rights, although considering the communist infiltration of the National Equality March, perhaps Dear Leader’s finally getting serious about cutting ties to the Jeremiah Wright/William Ayers/Van Jones wing of the Democratic (Socialist) Party.Video here.

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More at Memeorandum. Plus, Ruby Slippers, “Now the Gay Community is ‘Fringe’.”

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