Snap! The Hill Says Obama And The Democrats Job Creation Policies Rock!

Vicki Needham is working hard to provide cover for the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats, who just got whacked during the 2010 mid-term

Job creation is happening at a faster rate than during previous recessions, more good news for the White House and congressional Democrats who have spent the past two years defending their policies as the economy has slowly recovered.

A Joint Economic Committee state-by-state analysis released Wednesday finds that jobs are returning faster compared with previous recessions despite greater overall job losses across all 50 states.

I’m going to make the prediction now that a Talking Point from Team Obama, Democrats, and their media pals will be that the fantastic job creation in 2011 will be due to the policies enacted when Barry took office, ones like the Stimulus, Son of Stimulus, Health thingy (I refuse to use the word “care” in association with that legislation), financial regulation, and others, and that it just Took Time for them to kick in. Of course, we were told that the Stimulus needed to be passed Right Now to help get people jobs Right Now back in February 2009, otherwise unemployment would go above 8%. And unemployment did go up despite being passed, and has hovered in the high 9’s ever since.

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Despite not being an economist, I’d suggest that job creation was not necessarily in spite of Democrat policies – though some surely is – but simply because some companies needed workers. People retire and need to be replaced. Some companies were still expanding, such as fast food joints. Some sectors were doing well, and added lots of people in 2010 to meet demand. Others are still stagnant, hence the nearly 10% unemployment rate.

The most recent recession was the deepest in terms of job losses than any of the four previous recessions — national job losses were 5.3 percent this time around compared with job losses of 1.2 percent (2001), 1.1 percent (1982-83) and 3.1 percent (1981-82).

So, this recession was much worse than the others, so there is bigger room for hiring? Interesting

Of course, we can all Thank Obama and the Democrats for this news. And over the next two years, the media will tell us that we were fools to vote Republican during the mid-terms, because the Democrats legislation worked.

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