SNL Mocks Democrats And The Video Had Me Laughing So Hard

SNL Mocks Democrats And The Video Had Me Laughing So Hard

Up until recently, it would seem that Saturday Night Live only wanted to appeal to liberal and progressive audiences, mocking Republicans and conservatives relentlessly to the point of predictability. Many stopped watching it for exactly this reason.

But last night’s episode had me laughing so hard I had stomach cramps. After making fun of Trump day in and day out, it was nice to see them skewer Democrats in the same way. They essentially said what the rest of us are feeling and in such a way that makes us laugh and think.

In a new skit entitled “A Message From The DNC,” the cast of SNL dresses up as some of the most recognizable figures from the Democratic party, including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and Donna Brazile. As these characters, they show off the fact that the Democrat power-players seem to be nothing more than a bunch of old white people who only care about people in the reliably blue states. They make fun of the elitist attitude among high-raking liberals by having “Pelosi” and “Feinstein” refer to Wisconsin voters as “mouth-breathers” and Ohio voters as “window-lickers,” two states that were largely ignored by Hillary Clinton during the Presidential election in 2016.

While a lot of people will probably say that even a broken clock is right twice a day, I think this shows that everyone is aware on some level that Democrats are more dedicated to lip service than they are actually bringing about change for their constituents. They cavort with rich people while simultaneously telling their voting districts that rich people are the reason they can’t have nice things. They condemn Wall Street while taking half a million dollars for giving speeches to the same people.

It would appear that even SNL is getting a little tired of two-faced Dems.

Watch the video below:

Okay be honest, what was your favorite part? I think mine was “Donna Brazile” shaking her head and saying “I thought she was dead” after “Hillary Clinton” was begging for another chance. “And maybe another chance after that.”

If I were putting together a skit mocking Democrats, this is exactly what I would have done. I think it’s well-written, funny and hits on a lot of the things average Americans are thinking with regards with how liberals in America are currently behaving.

This almost makes me consider tuning in next week. But we’ll see.

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