Snow in San Francisco and Other Inconvenient Facts: Where’s Al Gore?

SNOW may fall at sea level in the San Francisco bay area !!!!

This hasn’t happened since the 1970s. And it will be so COLDDDDD for the next few days.

Snowy San Francisco 1976

WHITE BLANKETS: A history of snow in San Francisco

  • Snow has only fallen three times in the last 120 years in San Francisco, archives say
  • The last falls big enough to make a snowball happened in 1951, 1962 and 1976
  • But before the 1950s, you have to go back to 1887 for the last significant snowfall

The NWS is so interested in this rare event, they want people to TWEET with geolocation info. This is at the top of the NWS San Fran web page:

See Snow in the Bay Area — Tweet It!

Interactive State storm weather map from

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Climate-gate blog father, Anthony Watts of, is holding a contest to see who in the climate alarmist community will be the first to blame San Francisco snow on global warming caused by man’s damn wasteful energy use.

Click here to join the fun.

Oddly, the place I had to go to find out all these juicy weather facts was……of course, the U.K. media.

The San Francisco Chronicle, on the eve of the first snowfall and biggest weather news in the city 35 years, has absolutely nothing about this on its frontpage online edition. NOTHING. What’s the matter, boyzzzz? Doesn’t fit your AGW agenda??

And where’s Al Gore?

Al Gore is bugged about bark beetles now, especially if you can afford his stipend for a stump speech

I couldn’t locate: Al Gore : today, but LAST WEEK:  ManBearPig was in Colorado where, for a tidy fee, he was issuing a goggle-eyed warning to paid attendees about hordes of bark beetles devouring the forests BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING.

It’s apparently the next big “thing” in the KLIMAT-KULT:

Bark beetles consumed more than four million acres of trees in Colorado and southern Wyoming since the mid-1990s, a U.S. Forest Service report declared last month, and scientists blame global warming.

“The linkage these scientists have referred to over and over again with global warming is something some people resist but it’s a fact,” Gore said. “It’s unprecedented and we really have to face up to it.”

The nearly seven-hour symposium in Aspen, entitled “Forests At Risk: Climate Change & the Future of the American West”, had been billed as the first major discussion connecting global climate change to the deteriorating health of forestland in the American West.

Speaking of totally ridiculous global warming fraud theories, more progress is being made in Congress to bust the scientists who have been scamming their data to obtain government research funds:

Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli has an ongoing grand jury.

Sen. Jim Inhofe has announced results of an Inspector General’s report which is calling for further review of Climategate emails and a government scientist who thwarted Freedom of Information Act requests.

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