Sole GOP Senator, Jeff Flake, Weighing Support For Iran Deal Will Vote No

Sole GOP Senator, Jeff Flake, Weighing Support For Iran Deal Will Vote No

When you’ve lost Jeff Flake… well, you’ve lost the last of the Progressive Right’s support. Obama must be heart broken. He probably thought he had Flake in the bag… I mean Jeff goes on soooo many trips with Democrats to Cuba, you would just assume he would fall in line with the other Marxists. Jeff Flake has officially stated he will vote a big, fat ‘NO’ on the Iran deal. He was the only Republican backing this travesty. He has been wined, dined and courted up the wazoo, just so he would roll over and bow to the Mullahs. Not enough evidently. Even Flake couldn’t condone national suicide. Go figure.

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.

From Breitbart:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) says he will vote against the nuclear deal with Iran, dealing a significant blow to the White House.

Flake was the sole Senate Republican weighing whether to back President Barack Obama on the deal. Senate vote-counters have believed the freshman senator was the only Republican truly undecided on the bill. The White House had eagerly sought his support.

Flake says in a statement that he supported the negotiations that led to the nuclear deal, but can’t vote to support the final agreement. He says the benefits are outweighed by severe limitations placed on Congress and the U.S. government’s ability to respond to Iran’s non-nuclear behavior.

Flake says he’s concerned the Obama administration will be more reluctant to confront Iran’s behavior once the deal is implemented.

The agreement that Iran is getting ready to ink with the United States and other world powers, “does contain benefits in terms of limiting Iran’s ability to produce sufficient fissile material for a nuclear weapon for a period of time, particularly at its known nuclear facilities,” Flake said in a statement. “But these benefits are outweighed by severe limitations the (agreement) places on Congress and future administrations in responding to Iran’s non-nuclear behavior in the region,” Flake added. Flake’s reasoning is weasel-worthy, but I’ll take it. The agreement would speed Iran towards nuclear weapons, not slow them down, while tying our hands. In fact, they may already be nuclear and the agreement would legitimize them. They are already a ticking Armageddon bomb waiting to go off. Obama is trying to light the fuse and is using every bit of extortion he can muster. Witness Kerry threatening that if we don’t sign the deal, the US dollar will no longer be the reserve currency of the world. But that’s already baked into the fiscal cake. Kerry is laying the groundwork to blame conservatives when all of this slides off a cliff. Flake finally did something right – for the wrong reasons – but right nonetheless. Despite threats galore.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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