Some Interesting Healthcare Tweets

Of course, nothing could be better than the Tweet I saw from Sky_Bluez: “Stupid is as Stupak does.” That about sums up the whole day so far.

But here are a few others from various folks on my Twitter feed that are worth noting…

  • buelldawg said: “Tea Party protesters who gathered on the Capitol lawn 2 sing “We Shall Overcome” stole the show”
  • JimDeMint said: What’s happening in the Capitol today gives a whole new meaning to “March Madness.”
  • Sky_Bluez said: “I’ve never been prouder to be a Republican” Powerline has some good “Silver Linings”
  • RepMikePence said: It is disappointing to see Members exchange 30 years of pro-life law for a piece of paper from the most pro-abortion president in history
  • JonHenke said: Prediction: This health care legislation will not reduce the deficit or health care costs.
  • sanuzis said: Stupak opponent Republican Dan Benishek jumped from 166 fans to 1743 on Facebook in one hour!!
  • JonHenke said: 2nd Prediction: Before too long, Democrats will insist we need another #HCR to fix the problems this #HCR will cause.
  • riley1999 said: Complete SEIU thugs forcing way into middle of #killthebill crowd. Potty mouthed as they are told to leave #tcot
  • warnerthuston said: We are well on our way to a new USA, one more like Europe. The old US is now dead. Was a grand ride, but the Great Experiment is over!
  • ChiNewsBench reminds us: Dems aren’t voting for Health Care. They are voting for the pork & entitlements they were promised
  • BobGriggs said: John Lewis mocked the work of MLK.Jr when he locked arms with Pelosi in a pseudo-civil rights march through healthcare protesters.
  • LarrySabato said: Did Dems have 216 firm on Friday? No. Was it virtually guaranteed they would by today’s vote? Of course. Party matters. Just Kabuki theater.
  • warnerthuston said: Fla A. G. Bill McCollum will file lawsuit with SCOTUS to have Obamacare thrown out as soon as bill passes
  • warnerthuston said: Just a reminder, Exec. Orders are only temporary and can be rescinded or changed at ANY time, by ANY president.

This was all in the space of an hour or so. Tweets like this have been going on all day long!

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