Sore Loser Symphony: Dems Look To Keep Trump Off 2020 Ballots

Sore Loser Symphony: Dems Look To Keep Trump Off 2020 Ballots

It’s not even fun wackadoodle, like the Obama Birther movement. But, then, Democrats a crazy enough to yell at horses

BTW, she was arrested for punching said horse. Anyhow

Blue-state lawmakers want to keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns

Lawmakers in several deep-blue states want to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to appear on the ballot in those states, a sharp rebuke of President-elect Donald Trump’s ongoing refusal to make his tax records public.

A pair of Maryland Democrats on Tuesday announced they would introduce a bill mandating the release of five years of tax returns, mirroring similar proposals in New York, Massachusetts, California and Maine.

If approved, the proposals could keep Trump from appearing on some ballots in 2020 if he continues breaking with the decades-long tradition of financial transparency and decides to seek a second term.

The state lawmakers say they want to enshrine into law what’s been a long-standing norm among presidential contenders: the public release of tax returns detailing sources of income, business interests and charitable giving.

And, yes, this might well be Constitutional, since this is about who can be on the ballot, as conditions like submitting signatures and paying a fee are allowable.

Senate Minority Leader J.B. Jennings (R-Baltimore County) said it should be up to voters to decide if they don’t want a president who hasn’t disclosed tax returns.

“To me, it just looks like sour grapes over the election,” said Jennings. “We don’t reveal our tax returns as legislators. Why are you doing it for the president and not every other office too?”


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