Special Ringmaster Marilyn Mosby Totally Knows How To Reduce Baltimore’s Massive Murder Rate

She does!

(Baltimore Sun) Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby on Sunday addressed the city’s historic spike in homicides in an interview on WBAL-TV.

In July, 45 people were killed — the highest number in modern history. The city is on pace for more than 300 killings this year.

Mosby said the key to driving down the murder rate is for prosecutors and police to re-establish trust with the community.

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She noted her prosecutors have recently sent several killers behind bars for life, and are partnering with city police on a new “War Room” initiative — in which city and federal agencies work in close collaboration.

Oh, you thought she was actually going to go out to stop crime, instituting strong policing measures, perhaps reaching out to the community and telling them to stop being so criminal. Nope. Arresting them afterwards and sending them to jail has nothing to do with stopping the crimes in the first place.

Perhaps Mosby could have a talk with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake about rescinding her “giving space to those who wish to destroy” notion.

“This is the home of witness intimidation, where that ‘Stop Snitching’ mentality began,” Mosby said. “We have to build the trust of the community back up. … We’re absolutely on top of it.”

That mentality has nothing to do with the police and prosecutors: it has everything to do with the criminality of the citizens. This soft approach is not working, as witnessed during July. Perhaps there should be some concern that almost every single person murdered in Baltimore is Black, and the majority of the known killers are Black.

August hasn’t exactly been a good month either. And another person, Black, was murdered early Sunday. This is not the fault of the police and prosecutors, nor is community outreach going to stop anything.

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