State Department Sends Lady Gaga on Mission to Rome

Staffed by internationalist fools, Islamophiles, and communist spies, the State Department has historically done little or nothing to advance American interests abroad. Some of us would like to hear even one good reason why it shouldn’t be disbanded immediately, and the legions of treasonous Foggy Bottom bureauweenies forced to do constructive work for a living. Here‘s your good reason — provided you’re a fan of Lady Gaga:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday that the State Department played an instrumental role in “sealing the deal” for pop-rock star Lady Gaga to perform at a gay pride rally in Rome, Italy.

Clinton specifically pointed to a letter that David Thorne, the U.S. ambassador to Italy, sent to Lady Gaga urging her to participate in the event.

“And then there is the work that our embassy team in Rome has been doing,” Clinton said. “Two weeks ago they played an instrumental role in bringing Lady Gaga to Italy for a Euro Pride concert.”

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Their efforts were a big success:

On June 11, Lady Gaga performed at a rally at the ancient Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy. The rally followed a gay pride march through the city of Rome.

Why would Shrillary and her moonbat underlings care so much about Lady Gaga making a big splash in Rome? Because it is the center of Catholicism, and Ms. Gaga is a shrill advocate of homosexual “marriage,” the Left’s latest favorite tactic in their war on Christianity. Also, her oeuvre helps advance the anti-Christian liberal agenda with stuff like this:

Gaga sparked controversy earlier this year with the release of her song “Judas” in early May. The video depicted Gaga as a Mary Magdalene figure — in a motorcycle gang — who becomes enamoured with Judas. “The video opens with a motorcycle gang cruising down a freeway, as Gaga clutches onto a Jesus-like figure who wears a golden crown of thorns,” said a description of the video.

“Oh, I’m in love with Judas, Judas,” says the song. “In the most Biblical sense I am beyond repentance. Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind.”

“Vomits her mind,” or what passes for her mind, sums up Lady Gaga’s mode of expression well.

The State Department must be getting ready to send her to France.

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