Steny Hoyer Plays Shell Game With Scandals

Our monstrously overgrown federal government produces so many scandals, not even top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi’s right hand flunky can keep them all straight:

At Rep. Steny Hoyer’s weekly meeting with reporters on Tuesday, the Maryland Democrat was asked if he was concerned about the DOJ seizing phone records from Associated Press journalists working in the House press gallery in the Capitol building.

His response:

“The IRS activity was inappropriate, inconsistent with our policies and practices as a country, very concerning, needs to be reviewed carefully [quack quack quack…]”

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Eventually Hoyer grasped that the question was about the latest IRS scandal, not the latest Injustice Department scandal, and he recited some platitudes relating to it. However,

“I don’t know fully the rationalization or justification that was being used, but the president’s statement that it was outrageous, that there was no place for it and that they have to be held fully accountable is a statement in which I agree,” Hoyer went on to say.

But President Barack Obama didn’t comment about the DOJ story. And he certainly didn’t call it “outrageous.” In fact, the White House has declined to say much of anything about the DOJ investigation. Was Hoyer talking about the IRS story again?

He sure was.

Why is it that liberal apparatchiks would rather talk about the IRS targeting conservatives than the DOJ secretly helping itself to journalists’ phone records, and would rather talk about the DOJ than Benghazi? It’s a matter of how high the scandals are likely to be traced. Some unknown bureaucrat will be sacrificed at the IRS. Eric Holder may be brought down at the DOJ, but he was living on borrowed time anyway after Fast & Furious. But Benghazi, once the full implications get through to the public, spells absolute political doom for both Obama and Hillary.

Subtle misdirection? Or maybe he’s just easily confused.

On tips from Bob Roberts and G. Fox. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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