Stimulus Stimulated Much of Nothing in Illinois

The Chicago Tribune has an interesting story that shows that Obama’s $787 billion stimulus really didn’t do much by way of creating any new jobs in Illinois. Though Obama is counting “jobs saved” as some sort of success story, the fact is few jobs have been created and nothing will be sustainable after the stimulus money runs out.

Jobs “saved” apparently means that stimulus money went to keep a job that might otherwise have been lost. But the problem with calling it a job saved is that once the stimulus runs out that same job will still be on the chopping block.

Then there is the other thing to realize: none of these “jobs” are real, useful, and economically real jobs. They are but government handouts given to people with government jobs. The fact is not a single one of these faux jobs “created” by the Obama stimulus is in the private sector. They are all in government and government does not create wealth, it does not grow an economy. All government does is take tax money from one pocket and shift it to another pocket. None of these “jobs” are worthy of being called new jobs.

But the Tribune has a very quick snippet of something that should be explored further and that is the reporting process that the Obama administrating is using to perpetrate their fake success story on the Stimulus.

Hilary Freeman, vice president of quality and performance at the society, said 34 employees got cost-of-living adjustments from stimulus funds. But that’s been counted as 34 jobs created or saved.

“There were no jobs created with this. When we tried to report that, it would not let us enter zero,” Freeman said. “That was 34 people that actually got that cost-of-living adjustment at our agency. We know it’s wrong. We can’t correct it. We’re trying to find out how we can correct it or report it correctly.”

Obama’s reporting system wouldn’t allow the input of a zero to let government know that no job was created? Obama has the reporting process rigged that some number other than zero must be entered in the jobs created tab?

No wonder the reports cannot be believed. It is all fixed ahead of time to produce a happy lie that Team Obama can sell to the beleaguered American people. It’s easy to count jobs that have been “created” when the reporting procedure has a number of them built in ahead of time regardless of whether or not they exist!

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