Stunned: Loretta Lynch Faces ‘Investigation’ After Comey Testimony

Stunned: Loretta Lynch Faces ‘Investigation’ After Comey Testimony

In an extraordinary instance of senators from both parties concurring on the need for more investigations, two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee signaled Sunday that they have new questions about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s role in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

On Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey testified that Lynch had ordered him to mention the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server as a “matter” and just throe out the pesky ‘investigation’ word.

Comey explained that he immediately got a “queasy feeling” when told how he should name the the probe.

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“The — the Clinton campaign, at the time, was using all kind of euphemisms — ‘security review,’ ‘matters,’ things like that, for what was going on. We were getting to a place where the attorney general and I were both going to have to testify and talk publicly about [it]. And I wanted to know, was she going to authorize us to confirm we had an investigation?”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the charlatan from California, said “I would have a queasy feeling too. I think we need to know more about that. And there’s only one way to know about it and that’s to have the Judiciary Committee take a look at that.”

“This should be in the Judiciary Committee. If the attorney general’s office has become a political office, that’s bad for the American people.”

Rep. Pete Sessions, a Republican from Texas, talked about memos Comey wrote after his visits with President Donald Trump.

“I would assume that we will see a number of disturbing trends that took place at the Department of Justice (during the Obama administration) for whatever he’s claiming, and I’ll look forward to seeing all those. I would assume that Mr. Comey that if he kept one on this visit, evidently, he has others. Now I look forward to seeing those.”

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