Sunday Funnies: NY Times Editorial Board Tells GOP To Try Governing

Liberals have long been having fits on the editorial pages, ranging anywhere from Hissy to Conniption to Unhinged Tools. Saturday’s full feeling of the paper is wacky and unhinged enough to make one go WharrblGarbl!

Try Something Hard: Governing

Yeah, it can be hard, which is why a man with virtually no real world experience, and little in national politics, a man who was never “In Charge” and ran a campaign based on implementing a sentiment, should never have been given the job, yet, the NY Times Editorial Board endorsed him. Weird, huh? Of course, if you reduce the size and scope of the government, keep it simple and small, let the States do most of the heavy lifting, as our Founders intended, then it becomes much simpler at the Federal level.

Many Americans who voted this fall expressed a deep mistrust of government. House Republicans’ triumphalist vows to tie up the Obama administration with nonstop investigations and obstructionist budget crimping are not going to allay those voters’ concerns – or solve any of the country’s problems.

Bam! From the first two sentences, we know what the Fish Wrap is upset over: House oversight and realistic spending. The rest of the editorial attempts to build a nonsensical case (WharrblGarbl!) to support their assertion, going much as you expect it to. Let’s take a brief glimpse, shall we?

This combativeness from the new House majority is an early symptom of its preference for politicking over the tougher job of governing in hard times. Its plans already feature the low cunning of snipping budget lines so the Internal Revenue Service cannot enforce key provisions of the health care reform law. (Why not defund Postal Service document deliverers while they’re at it?)

Why not sell the USPS to a company that can make it work, instead of the current one which has lost money the past 4 years, including an $8.5 billion loss this budget year?

The new majority will showcase hearings devoted to what Representative Fred Upton, the ranking Republican on the energy committee, called a “war on the regulatory state.” What he means by that is the Environmental Protection Agency’s daring to accept scientific evidence that human activity is driving global warming. Similar hearings, rooted in the vindictive rhetoric of the 2010 campaign, are likely for the new consumer protection bureau, immigration enforcement, and more.

In other words, like all good climate alarmists, they DO NOT WANT their pet cult exposed to actual scrutiny. This is why there have been virtually no actual lawsuits in order to “save Mother Earth!!!!!” from Man’s release of greenhouse gases. It’s all “bringing awareness” and political maneuvering….wait, they’ve been using political machinations to push an unproven hypothesis? Interesting.

Inevitably, the White House is reported ready to add a platoon of lawyers to defend against the kind of endless harassment the Clinton administration suffered in the last Republican ascendancy. Surely Republican leaders must know that their past Inspector Javert binge helped snuff out their majority, even though it was abetted by President Clinton’s personal misbehavior.

Too easy. Republicans lost their House majority8 years later. Obviously, Clinton’s “misbehavior” (can you really believe they wrote that?) had a huge affect (sic). But, Dems just can’t move on.

Profiles of the incoming Republican freshmen are not encouraging. Half deny the science of global warming, and 39 percent signed on to the know-nothing move to end birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment, according to the Center for American Progress, a liberal research organization.

Are you starting to get a sense that they are really, really, really concerned that their pet cult will be fully exposed for all to see, a cult that allows the government to tax and control the American population? And really, citing extreme far left Center For American Progress (to becoming Greece)? Yeah. Sure.

In principle, Congress’s oversight of the executive branch can be a vital necessity. Politically, however, both parties push its limits from time to time. Now is no time for myriad searches for sensational distractions when the nation’s voters cry out for solid progress.

You had four straight years of a full Democrat Congress, to go with the last two with a Democrat “president”. Now it’s our turn to control at least the House, which has the power of the purse, and oversight responsibilities. We’ve unelected officials put into position after position, people who respond neither to Congress nor the American People. People who go well beyond the mandates of their agencies and/or positions. Your “governing” failed miserably. The economy is in shambles. Unemployment looks to continue at a high rate for a long time, much as it has in Europe for decades, thanks to their far left policies, and it is time to let people who understand business and the real world give it a shot. To use Obama’s own words, “you can ride in the backseat.” Just sit their, watch “Fair Game“, which will surely be out on DVD by January 20th, since it has completely bombed, and let the adults drive.

(I didn’t mean to post that picture on RWN, due to the profanity, out of respect for John)


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