Sunday’s NYC Climate March Is Like Totally Anti-Establishment

Evan, dare Politico say, TEA Party like! Anyhow, an alternated headline could be “what if there was a climate change march planned for today, and most media venues couldn’t care less?” Because neither the NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, CBS News, ABC News, Chicago Post, Miami Herald, USA Today, nor a host of NYC newspapers bother to mention the “People’s Climate March” on their web front pages. NBC News does, though it is about the march Bill McKibben, and ultra-alarmist behind Moving on

The rowdy greens take charge

Tens of thousands of environmental activists are flooding New York City’s streets this weekend in a coming-out party for a new breed of environmentalism – one that’s louder and rowdier than the old-school greens who dominated the movement when Barack Obama entered the White House.

Politico’s Elena Schor should have termed it “the rowdy fossil fuel using greens take charge to complain about Other People using fossil fuels”.

These upstarts like are brushing aside the staid Washington lobbying strategies of groups that failed to pass a climate bill in 2010. Instead they’re getting arrested outside the White House gates, staging costumed protests around the president’s travels and planning to clog Wall Street on Monday. They’ve already chalked up one big win: turning the Keystone XL pipeline decision into a political nightmare for Obama.

Hey, remember when was linked to 10:10’s exploding kids video, forcing McKibben to distance himself from the video?

Like the tea party, the new groups and their disruptive, anti-establishment approach have created lots of buzz, something they aim to amplify with as many as 100,000 climate activists marching through midtown Manhattan on Sunday. But their movement still hasn’t proven it can succeed consistently on policy-making — which requires an inside game to bring victories like a meaningful global climate pact or strong regulations to throttle greenhouse gases.

See? Totally anti-establishment. Except for all the groups backing the march which are intricately linked to the Democrat party, such as SEIU, the Teamsters, League Of Women Voters, College Democrats of Mass, CWA, Audubon Society, National Lawyers Guild, NOW, tons of unions, including teacher’s unions, and a whole raft of others, all Left leaning. And let’s not forget about all the true Socialist and Communist groups involved, plus CAIR, Code Pink, Common Dreams, World Can’t Wait,, and all the other Democrat voting wackadoodle groups one would expect.

And what do they want? Legislation

“We can’t dismiss the importance of legislating, and we don’t mean to,” said Jamie Henn, the strategy director who co-founded 350 seven years ago, fresh out of college, alongside writer-turned-activist Bill McKibben. “What we’re trying to show is that there’s a way to wield political influence through different avenues.”

Should I write it? Yeah, I’m going to write it: I love how all these projected attendees plan on taking lots of fossil fueled trips to complain about and call for legislation that harms the fossil fueled industry, which would raise the price of fossil fuels, and then everything else. They never really seem to do anything in their own lives, but sure are interested in Forcing Other People to live according to Warmist doctrine.

While the march is timed to Obama’s appearance at the summit, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune said a strong U.N. pact on global emissions cuts is not required for the event to succeed. “What we expect to see from this march is a continued surge in strategic climate activism,” Brune said. “Our ability as a movement to be more aggressive, the ability to hold weak-kneed politicians accountable, has made us more effective.”

Hooray, more spreading awareness, but no actual action within their own lives.

Still, even if Sunday’s march draws the hoped-for crowd, activists face a steep challenge if they want to connect those supporters with the big political goal that several major green groups have set for November: keeping the Senate in Democratic hands. Climate activist billionaire Tom Steyer — who plans to attend the march — and the League of Conservation Voters are each putting tens of millions of dollars into the midterm elections. Should Republicans retake the chamber, pressure to slow down EPA regulations and approve Keystone would mount quickly in 2015.

So, not really anti-establishment, just another outpouring of support for Democrats and their far-left agenda. Surprise!

BTW, I can’t wait for the photos of all the trash they leave behind.

BTW BTW, the temperature is forecast to be 79, which falls easily in the typical range of 68-83 for NYC.

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