Sunset for the Criminals of Camelot

In another auspicious omen for 2011 Wednesday will mark the first time since 1947 that a member of the Kennedy family has not held federal office. Good riddance to bad rubbish! The Criminals of Camelot have been a pox on this great nation for far too long.

Was John F. Kennedy a great president? Not by me. When part of his legacy includes trying to stop the landmark March on Washington and having his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, bug Martin Luther King’s hotel rooms and tap his phones? When he effectively renounced his Catholic faith in a deal with the devil to attain the highest office in the land?

No, their public personae were carefully tailored but the Kennedy clan ruthlessly sought power and prestige for themselves, and only for themselves.

Ask not what the Kennedys could do for America, demand everything America could do for the Kennedys.

And more. Even in death Ted Kennedy still suckles at the public teat. Massachusetts lawmakers have already siphoned off $38 million dollars from the Department of Defense budget to construct the Temple of Ted, aka the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.

It’s purpose is no doubt to train future generations of Kennedys in the fine art of demagoguery for fun and profit. For instance, they were for the Vietnam War before they were against it. JFK started it! But it was only after Northeastern liberals turned dovish that the Kennedys switched sides. Notorious anti-Semite Joe Kennedy’s apples didn’t fall far from the tree until it became politically expedient to embrace Israel.

Even on the Democrats’ signature issue – health care reform – Ted Kennedy was sneeringly duplicious. He torpedoed Jimmy Carter’s efforts on that score because it paid insufficient homage to the Princes of Camelot.

The man who boasted “For four decades I have carried this cause — from the floor of the United States Senate to every part of this country” wanted to be damn sure it was his legacy, and his alone. There’s no room in Camelot for Southern peanut farmers. Or any other lesser Americans.

Washington DC without a Kennedy? Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

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