Supposed ‘Racist’ Attacks at Oberlin College Done by Liberals Wanting to ‘Stir The Pot’

Earlier this year Oberlin College in Ohio was shut down after a series of racist, anti-Semitic, and KKK-related incidents occurred on campus. For months the liberal media went wild over the “right-wing attacks” on minorities. Now, it has been proven that the whole mess was perpetrated by two liberal Obama supporters who wanted to “stir the pot.”

In March, when news of the incidents broke, news agencies across the country gravely reported on the “racism” at the school. In one case, the Associated Press went all weak in the knees when Hollywood actress Lena Dunham–an Oberlin grad–Tweeted about how shameful it was that right-wingers were destroying her school.

But now the truth has emerged: the incidents weren’t perpetrated by real racists, or any one on the right at all.

Just as Michelle Malkin knew from the beginning, it was liberals all along.

Chuck Ross over at The Daily Caller has an in depth expose on the two liberals that did these things that is a must read.

The DC has discovered that most of these incidents were perpetrated by two Oberlin students, Dylan Bleier and Matt Alden, both of whom self-identify as hard-core liberals.

DC has all the details, but suffice to say that the students have both had a long background in working for Obama’s reelection campaign and other liberal causes.

One witness said that one of the students created all the racist attacks at the college just to “stir up the pot a little bit.”

So, once again we get liberal liars trying to make it look like conservatives are doing these hate crimes. These liberals are trying to smear the right and make any conservative look bad and the media was quite happy to help them out.

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