Surprise: Democrat Controlled Senate Won’t Vote On House “Keep Your Plan” Bill

Senate Democrats care so much about the plight of the American people who are losing their plans and being forced into more expensive plans with smaller networks that may not provide anything more than free birth control that they’re rushing to ignore the Upton bill.


(The Hill) Senate Democrats do not expect to vote on the ObamaCare fix the House approved on Friday with 39 Democratic votes, according to a senior Democratic aide.

The aide said there is not any pressure on the Senate Democratic leadership to bring the legislation sponsored by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) to the floor.

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They say that the Upton bill guts Obamacare

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) has sponsored rival legislation that would require insurance companies to offer the old plans. She has panned Upton’s proposal.

“The House bill guts and undercuts and drives a Mack truck through the Affordable Care Act by not only allowing people that had policies to keep them but allowing new people to sign on,” she said. “Their whole purpose is to undermine and throw the markets out of wack and make the Affordable Care Act not work.”

Without millions, the Team Obama mid-range estimate is that 91 million will lose their insurance, losing their coverage and being forced into the Exchange, especially the young healthies, and paying through the nose, the whole kit n’ kaboodle falls apart, awash in gobs of red ink. The Spite House won’t accept the Upton bill, either. Because they care or something.

As for Landrieu, Hot Air pulled out an old quote of hers, noting that she said she would be 100% accountable for O-care’s success (snicker) or failure. Well, this vote and the quotes by Democrats will be used ad nauseum against Democrats come the mid-term. This vote wasn’t just about allowing people to keep their plans as long as they like, but making Dems either back the American People or back their Party.

Meanwhile, North Carolina has stated that they will speed the resurrection of the cancelled plans. Which is probably more, since many companies were required to change their plans, it’s just something you do not hear about. Interestingly, I had just heard the number being 160,000. WRAL reports the number as 473,000 in the article. Which is not a number they reported in a story previously. Once people have their plans for an extra year, will they want to go through this again? Will it harm Democrats? South Carolina goes a step further in attempting to help the 150K who lost their plans. Ray Farmer, the director of the state’s Insurance Department, said

“We don’t intend to . . . [enforce] federal rules that the federal government won’t even enforce,” Farmer said.

So, they might ignore the federal rules 1 year from now, when the rules are supposed to be reinstated. Might other States follow along?

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