Surprise: Republican States Much More Charitable Than Democrat States

That’s right, campers. Eighteen of the top 20 most charitable states voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. Out of those, the first 17 states voted Mitt. The list goes:

Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, S.C. Idaho, Oklahoma, Arkanasa, N.C., Kansas, Texas, S. Dakota, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, Indiana.

The District of Columbia is included on the list at #20, and, of course, went for Obama.

We also learn that cities that tend to be Republican and/or in Republican states tend to be quite a bit more charitable than those which are Democrat/in Dem states. The five cities with the biggest drop in giving since 2006 are hardcore Democrat.

The study also notes that The Rich are being less than charitable

(AP)  Even as the income gap widens, the wealthiest Americans are giving a smaller share of their income to charity, while poor and middle-income people are donating a larger share, according to an extensive analysis of IRS data conducted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

The Chronicle, a leading source of news coverage of the nonprofit world, said in a report being released Monday that Americans who earned $200,000 or more reduced the share of their income they gave to charity by 4.6 percent from 2006 to 2012. Those earning less than $100,000 donated 4.5 percent more of their income, the report said.

The Chronicle’s analysis was based on tax returns filed by Americans who itemize their deductions, including their charitable gifts. Rankings were compiled for states and metropolitan areas based on the ratio of contributions to adjusted gross income.

The Chronicle’s editor, Stacy Palmer, noted that wealthy donors, overall, were more oriented toward support of the arts and higher education than lower-income donors, and less oriented toward support of social-service charities.

Interesting. In Obama’s America, The Rich aren’t as giving as they once were, at least to charities.

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