Surprising No One, Study Finds Liberals Are More Foul Mouthed on Twitter Than Conservatives

Surprising no one, a new study just revealed that liberals are more potty mouthed, quicker to call people names, and are more filled with hate on Twitter.

Liberals exhibit more coarse, more noxious, and nastier language on Twitter? Whoddathunkit?

A study from Queen Mary University in London, determined that liberals use more profanity on Twitter than conservatives.

Researchers determined their results by studying over 300,000 followers of official Democratic and Republican Party accounts to find differences in language between people of opposing political leanings.

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Researchers concluded that liberals were more likely to use swear words because they tended to be more emotionally expressive than conservatives.

Among the top words that liberals used were “shit” and “fuck” along with “happy,” “like,” “feel,” and “amaze,” researchers discovered. Additionally liberals were more likely to tweet about pop culture as words such as, “world cup,” “nene,” and “album,” appeared frequently on liberal accounts.

On the other hand, political conservatives use religious terms more and have far less hate in their Tweets. Imagine that?

Warner Todd Huston

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