Surprisingly, Despite Those Evil Republicans, NC Blacks Are Voting In Great Numbers

Democrats live for several things: abortion on demand (well, the babies don’t live), fomenting division, false narratives, fear-mongering, and race-baiting. These pretty much allow them to avoid discussing their damaging policies. Here’s another interesting example from Mother Jones

Republicans Tried to Suppress the Black Vote in North Carolina. It’s Not Working.

Thousands more African-Americans have already turned out to vote this year than in 2010. Here’s how Democrats are doing it.

In essence, Mother Jones is race-baiting while admitting that Democrat hysteria about disenfranchising Black voters over North Carolina’s new voter laws is a bunch of stinky mule fritters.

IN 2013, North Carolina Republicans, led by Hagan’s opponent, state house speaker Thom Tillis, passed a far-reaching voting law that curtails early voting and eliminates same-day registration. The Justice Department sued North Carolina over the law, charging it was discriminatory and would depress minority turnout.

Not mentioned is that the Justice Department lost, and lost badly. Also not mentioned is that North Carolina’s measures that kicked in this year are typically in line with a majority of the rest of the States. Many Democrat states are more restrictive than North Carolina. Doing away with same day registration? Most states do not allow it. No-excuse early voting? Again, most states did not allow before NC passed the legislation. Reducing the number of early voting days from 17 to 10? 33 States have early voting. The others don’t. North Carolina extended the hours and increased the polling places.

Strangely, again, all this seems to have failed to suppress the Black vote, as the Dem talking points said it would

As of Thursday, 24 percent of early voters in North Carolina were African-American, according to records from the state board of elections. That’s up from just 17 percent at the same point during the last midterm elections in 2010.

Huh. Interesting. Much of that is due to Kay Hagan’s ground game, along with far left groups, but this clearly shows that Blacks can, in fact, get out the vote. It also shows the patronizing way in which Democrats treat and think about Blacks.

Democrats have spent $1 million on ads aired on black radio stations. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee partnered with the Congressional Black Caucus this month to send black lawmakers on a bus tour through North Carolina and five other battleground states. And Hagan’s campaign is collaborating extensively with black clergy across the state and roughly 150 black small business owners like Smith who are helping turn out voters this year.

That ad was a serious bit of race-baiting, played exclusively on urban radio stations, which actually linked North Carolina’s new stand your ground law with the death of Trayvon Martin. There was also quite a bit of other shenanigans from Democrats along the race-baiting line.

Smith adds that anger over the August shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, will also bring people in her community out on Tuesday. “It was more than just him,” she notes, referring to the police brutality she witnesses regularly in her community. “You have some in the system that say, ‘I’m gonna hide behind this badge and use it for injustice instead of justice’…To us it feels like it’s racist.”

Um, OK. That being in a state hundreds of miles. But, we can see how Democrats have whipped up Blacks into a frenzy.

T-omnis Cox says he feels like a potential Michael Brown. A 23-year-old who works at a chicken plant in eastern North Carolina, he was hanging out in front of a corner liquor store in Goldsboro last Thursday evening. “It’s hard out here in the world,” he says. “Every day, we’re ducking from cops, we’re ducking from law.” Cox says he’s going to vote for Hagan because “Republicans don’t care about the poor.”

Again, interesting, since Democrats have controlled the General Assembly for most of the last 100 years, along with the Governors mansion. One would think they would be upset with Democrats, but, Dems do a wonderful job in brainwashing Blacks to get them to vote against their best interests. Namely, to get them to vote “D”.

In fact, almost 700,000 people voted early this year, which outpaced 2010 by tens of thousands, despite the shorted days. Perhaps one day Black voters will realize in bulk that they are being used be Democrats.

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