Talk about Biting the Hand that Fed You: Obama’s Attack on America’s Students

: : : :  Whether we like to actually admit it, the youth of our nation voted en masse for President Barack Obama.:  Exit polls indicate he won as much as 66% of voters under 30 years old.:  Enchanted by the word “change” entering into the prospective definition of their future, Obama calmed this worried, young sector of society and made them believe they would be safe with him.
: : : :  After carefully waiting, watching him travel the world and have dinner with celebrities, finally a piece of legislation was announced: ObamaCare.:  While the signed document was cloaked in terms such as “reform” and “jobs bill,” reality soon showed it was none of above. In fact, as soon as it slowly came into effect it was found it attacks the same people Obama should be thanking for his election: the youth.
: : : :  While ObamaCare leaves out a lot of the costs that will be accrued by its passage, such as paying the new IRS agents to assure Americans are actually following the rules of Obamacare and paying the new taxes involved, it isn’t very quiet about how they are going to pay for it: student loans.:  Through these educational advances, one would think that the student will save money, but in fact it is the government that will save money- to pay for ObamaCare, the government will borrow money at 2.8%.:  In order to pay their needs, they will loan the money to students at 6.8% and spend the difference on more government programs.:  While the federal government gets an incredible rate for their loan, the youth receive one over two times that to pay for ObamaCare. This means nineteen million college students will be overcharged an average of $1,700 to help pay for the new health care law and other government programs.:  This is shown not only in the legislation but also independent research.:  Talk about biting the hand that feeds!
: : : :  Perfectly healthy, young Americans will be paying for sick people because they took the opportunity this nation has offered and educated themselves.:  Now more than ever, with rising unemployment, the youth must educate themselves even more to keep up.:  Meanwhile, instead of rewarding citizens for their degrees, this administration is increasing their purchase rates.:  Hence, Obama is charging the ones that voted for him through an avenue of socialized medicine.
: : : :  How is this covered up?:  The Obama Administration states that with ObamaCare, a young person can stay on their parent’s health plan.:  However, reports show that is often already available up until 19 or graduation from college.:  Healthcare organizations such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield have that open to their clients when the right forms are signed. Obama’s cronies retort stating that pre-existing conditions will not continue to affect youth in getting their own healthcare.:  However, immediately after signing, the administration realized the wording was off and that the secretary of Health and Human Services wasn’t alerted to this change, nor was she involved.:  The secretary had to write a letter stating she had no idea about it but will follow it if instilled into law.
: : : :  All along, ObamaCare was a tragedy waiting to happen.:  One has to wonder if voters really were expecting what they were promised by an amateur legislator-turned-leader of the Free World: transparent government, working for the people (instead of the big companies) and, of course, change.:  Those ideas sounded good in the campaign speeches but, it seems, they have been forgotten upon victory.:  Not only is the president forcing an unconstitutional and financially detrimental law down America’s throat, his administration, most notably Chief Advisor Valerie Jarret, are telling the people to, “give it time,” while they lose doctors, see students suffer under higher educational costs and, more importantly, are forced into one healthcare sector.: 
: : : :  ObamaCare has resulted only in the positive reaction that people are starting to pay attention to their government and what is being done in their name.:  But one has to wonder if the cost is too high.:  America is charging future citizens for an unneeded and unconstitutional slap in America’s face.:  ObamaCare must be repealed and its creators unelected before any further damage can occur, for the good of the country and its future- the students of America.

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