Tea Party-Haters Attack Chgo Business For Event Countering Obama B-Day Bash

William J. Kelly of Chicago organized an event at a business across the street and about a block down from the venue where President Obama held his birthday bash/fundraiser. Naturally Chicago’s anti-Tea Party set were furious at the business and used threats and intimidation to stop Kelly’s event.

Kelly called the event “Jobs Bash 2011,” and intended to highlight the fact that, while America was losing jobs by the millions, Obama cared more about keeping his own job than he was in helping Americans keep theirs by holding a high dollar donor event in the Windy City only days after signing a bill to put all Americans further in debt.

Of course, we were told during the eight years of the Bush administration that protest was the very essence of patriotism, but since Obama was elected the left has suddenly been all upset at anyone that wants to “speak truth to power.” This was seen by the good folks at Chicago’s Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, one of the city’s best sports for jazz music, when the lefty haters came out of the woodwork to complain that the lounge was to host Mr. Kelly’s event.

The Green Mill was flooded with complaint emails and phone calls by upset leftists upset that the lounge had the gall to open its doors to what complainers imagined was a “Tea Party protest.”

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One hateful lefty told the Green Mill that she would never go to the lounge again for hosting a “politically marginal hate group like tea party Republicans.” She went on carping, “What next, the KKK?”

Amusingly, another complainer whined that Jazz was supposed to “transcend politics” yet apparently he wasn’t above politics by telling the Mill that he wouldn’t go back and patronize the place because his politics forbade it!

Another hater told the Green Mill that he felt that conservatives were racists, hate the poor, hate the gay, are anti-government and believe in “anarchistic politics.”

There were a lot more, all in the same vein.

To be clear, Mr. Kelly only asked his friends interested in the jobs bash idea to meet him at the Green Mill. The lounge was not co-sponsoring any event. Still, the lefties went half-cocked, filled with rage at the place.

I asked William J. Kelly what his reaction he had to this intimidation.

Obama supporters used threats and intimidation to try to sabotage our jobs fair in Chicago at the Green Mill. Why? Because they didn’t want to embarrass the President at his million dollar birthday fundraiser celebration across the street at the Aragon Ballroom. They don’t care about getting people back to work. Just like the President — all they care about is their own agenda.

“This is just more proof of their hypocrisy,” Kelly told me. “These are the same people who have been falsely calling Republicans and Tea Party supporters “terrorists.” Yet, using terrorist tactics, they seized upon the Green Mill — which was not a sponsor of the event — with hundreds of hateful, hysterical calls and emails — to pressure the venue into calling off the event.”

“They accuse the Tea Party of the very thing that they are engaging in: hate and terror. One of the people that sent one of these hate-laced emails to stop our event was an Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies at DePaul University of Chicago. Is this what we have to look forward to? More teachers teaching hate to their students?”

Kelly promised to hold jobs fairs all across the state to help Illinoisans get back to work. “If Barack Obama won’t put Americans back to work, then, we, the people will,” Kelly said.

“Maybe,” Kelly said, “we will even be able to help the President find another job one day.”

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