Teacher Union Chief: Big Boss, Big Hypocrite

What was it that our apologizer in chief and his minions have told us? Wasn’t it that we all have to sacrifice because the U.S. is less than she used to be? Well American Federation of Teachers union chief, Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten, says phooey on that. Sacrifice if for the unwashed masses, not her.

Weingarten was full of dire warnings for Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Even though the commission said that funding for education should not be cut Weingarten wanted to warn the commission that she and her union would attack them anyway for their recommendations on cutting Social Security and Medicare. What this has to do with teaching is anybody’s guess.

She boldly asserted that “shared sacrifice means holding millionaires responsible” for footing all the bills. I’m sure she feels everyone else should be left off scot-free.

J.P Freire finds big chief Weingarten’s hypocrisy a bit much to take, though.

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J.P. did a bit of research and found that Weinie is the lucky recipient of a $342,552 a year salary as AFT’s top dawg and that was on top of the $202,319 she got as president of Local 2 in 2009. The woman is swimming in “sacrifice,” apparently.

J.P. blew in a call to AFT and asked about when Chief Weingarten was going to jump in and do some shared sacrificin’ like her president urged her to? Her spokesman was shocked at such a suggestion.

No, absolutely not. She works 24/7 on behalf of union members and the people we serve. Making sure that people get a great education in public schools in America. She works to the bottom of her soul. You can’t put a price tag on that.

Classic. Just classic hypocrisy.

Check out J.P.’s story and get all the details at The Washington Examiner.

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