Teachers Union Extorts Parents for Campaign Cash

The indispensable Mark Hemingway of the Washington Examiner recently caught another union outrage. This time it’s the teachers union in New Jersey trying to extort cash from parents directly, as opposed to merely extorting cash from parents through their taxes.

Hemingway alerts us to a New Jersey parent that was aghast that the NJ teachers union would be so blatant as to send a letter home with her child suggesting a novel new way to raise funds for teachers.

As both she and the letter she handed me stated, my daughter was to accomplish chores around the house with the goal of being paid by me for those chores the sum of $20. She would then have to hand the full $20 over to the school to make up for the shortfall in their overall budget which, ultimately, disallowed the kids to go on yet another class trip.

This parent was so incensed at the “mandatory” aspect of the fund raising letter that she called the school to complain. She was assured that despite all the rhetoric about it being mandatory, it was just a “suggestion.” The parent was, of course, skeptical of the later claim.

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Hemingway also notes that this isn’t a lone circumstance of such outrageous union chutzpah. Apparently in California the teachers union there sent out letters demanding that every parent in the state submit a payment of $375 per family to help save teacher’s jobs and protect them from state cuts. This on top of all the taxes people already pay the state to fund education!

These union thugs don’t lack for audacity, do they?

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