Ted Cruz’s dad, Rafael Cruz, compares Obama to Castro

Ted Cruz’s dad, Rafael Cruz, compares Obama to Castro

It’s more than appropriate comparing Barack Obama to Fidel Castro – after all dictators of a feather. Obama truly loves Castro and Cuba as the restoration of relations with the communist country prove out. Ted Cruz is the best candidate to save this Republic, plain and simple. If a truly conservative candidate is not chosen as the nominee for the Republicans this time around, the party will go the way of the Whigs and a third party will rise. Cruz will wipe the floor with the likes of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Intellectually, morally and strategically they don’t stand a chance against Cruz. Rafael Cruz is a legendary leader in his own right and his son is following in his footsteps. There is no better option to fight the corruption of the Progressive politicians on both sides of the aisle than Ted Cruz.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, left, raises his hand with his father Rafael, right, while holding his daughter Caroline during a speech Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, left, raises his hand with his father Rafael, right, while holding his daughter Caroline during a speech Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

From the Washington Examiner:

Ted Cruz’s 76-year-old father Pastor Rafael Cruz is a force to be reckoned with on the campaign trail.

Rather than the Texas senator and Republican making a personal appearance at the 2016 Western Conservative Summit in Denver, this weekend, he sent along his Cuban-born father to campaign in his place. The elder Cruz commanded the stage with a booming presence, despite his short stature, and brought the crowd to loud cheers and constant applause.

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“We are seeing today a president that operates by executive order, by fear, not much different than that bearded dictator I left in Cuba almost 60 years ago,” Cruz said.

He added, “We are fighting for the future of our children and our children’s children.”

Cruz described his son as a trustworthy leader who has been a believer in small government since a young age. The elder Cruz cited his son’s experience as a Princeton debate champion, saying Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton would lose the debates if the Texas senator was the nominee.

“Before my son left high school he was passionate about the Constitution, he was passionate about free markets, about the rule of law, of limited government,” Cruz said. “Ted Cruz will not compromise his principles in Washington because that fire is as alive today as it was 30 years ago.”

During the campaign cycle, many candidates have argued that the Republican nominee should have executive experience. Ted Cruz lacks such a record but his father argued that “no, America does not need a manager,” but rather a leader and a fighter to boost the country. He went on to paint a picture of a devise upcoming campaign season full of crooked candidates.

“One of the most damaging things that this so-called social justice, which is just nothing more than collectivism and comes right out of Karl Marx,” Cruz said. “What it has done is destroy the dream, we need to reawaken the American dream.”

Cruz warned that voters need to look past what the candidate say and start looking at what they do, pointing to his son’s record in the senate looking at what they say and start looking at what they do.

“My son is running against the political corruption of Washington in both parties. The establishment in both parties is rotten to the core. But because of that, because he’s running against the political establishment in both parties, they’re going after him with everything they got. So how do we win this? We win this with me the people.”

Obama’s government has taken its playbook directly from Karl Marx and what we need now is a principled Reaganesque leader such as Ted Cruz to start undoing the massive damage inflicted on us over the last eight years and from previous administrations as well. To fight the enemy from within, you need a very strong leader who will fearlessly go to battle utilizing constitutional principles and brandishing his faith as a shield against the communistic moves of the corrupt elite in DC. They fear Ted Cruz with good reason and they will do all they can to stop him – I pray that they fail.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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