Terry McAuliffe Comes Out In Favor Of Abortion Up Until the Second The Baby’s Born

Terry McAuliffe Comes Out In Favor Of Abortion Up Until the Second The Baby’s Born

Should there be any limits on abortion? Should you be able to abort baby girls because you want a boy? Should partial birth abortions be legal? Should you be able to abort a baby five minutes before it’s born? Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe says, “Yes.” He believes there should be no limits of any sort on abortion.

Terry McAuliffe

McAuliffe pledged to be a “brick wall” on the issue of abortion, even refusing to support a common sense limit on abortions after the fifth to sixth month of pregnancy.

Woman #1: “So as governor, would you oppose any restrictions on my right to an abortion at any time?”

McAuliffe: “Yes.”

Woman #1: “No, Yes?”

McAuliffe: “I would support stopping any restrictions.”

And then to remove any doubt, he told another woman that as governor he would be a “brick wall” against even the most common ground limitations on abortion.

Woman #2: “Also, if any anti-choice Republicans were to introduce legislation preventing me from getting an abortion after 20 weeks would you oppose it? “

McAuliffe: “So you have a Constitutional right. This has been determined in our nation. It is a Constitutional right. It is. What I said here is that I will be a brick wall to stop any erosion of any
Constitutional right that any woman has in Virginia. I will be a brick wall.”

This isn’t advocating “safe, legal, and rare” abortion; it’s advocating as many abortions as possible, for any reason, under any circumstances. How can he think it’s okay for a 12 year old girl to have an abortion without informing her parents? How does Terry McAuliffe look at a beautiful, fully viable nine month old little girl who could survive just fine outside the womb and say she has no more of a right to life than some kind of a parasite?

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