The Congressional Apology Line Starts with John Murtha, Not Joe Wilson

Now that all of the problems in the United States have been solved, it’s time for Congress to focus on more minor matters, such as voting to passing a resolution of disapproval against Rep. Joe Wilson for blurting out, “You lie!” when President Barack Obama was lying. Rep. Wilson already apologized to the president for his outburst (actually he apologized to Rahm Emmanuel, who accepted on behalf of the president.)

That apology isn’t good enough for Madam Pelosi, however. She wants Rep. Wilson to come before her and the rest of Congress and humble himself by apologizing on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has agreed the House should vote next week on scolding Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) for his outburst during President Barack Obama’s speech unless he apologies on the floor of the House.

"There was a violation of the rules of the House," said Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly. "It needs to be resolved by an apology or a resolution."

A Democrat will introduce a "resolution of disapproval" Monday or Tuesday unless Wilson formally apologizes on the House floor. The House returns Monday.

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Joe Wilson can apologize if he feels he should, but in my opinion, he should do so only after Rep. John Murtha apologizes to the Marines he accused of killing Marines in cold blood and the attempting to cover up the murders.

In the middle of a war, where are Marines are trying to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people, John Murtha went on television and was adamant about the guilt of these Marines. More than once he said there was no doubt in his mind. His words were replayed across the Arab world.

Since then, all the Marines involved have been aquitted:

On April 17, 2007, the Marine Corps dropped all charges against Sgt. Sanick P. De la Cruz in exchange for his testimony. Seven other Marines involved in the incident have also been granted immunity.[48]

On August 9, 2007, all charges against Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt and Capt. Randy Stone were dropped.[35] On October 19, Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt’s commanding officer decided the charges should be lowered to involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and aggravated assault.[10]

On September 18, 2007, all charges against Captain Lucas McConnell were dropped in exchange for immunity and his cooperation with the investigation.[49]

On March 28, 2008, all charges against LCpl. Stephen Tatum were dropped.[50]

On June 17, 2008, all charges against Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani were dismissed by the military judge citing unlawful command influence.[12]

When confronted by Jason Mattera of the Young Americas Foundation, Rep. Murtha refused to apologize. He has yet to apologize for slandering the Marines involved, he has yet to apologize for damaging the effort to win over the Iraqi people and he has yet to apologize for putting party politics above the safety and security of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.

Before resolving to disapprove of Joe Wilson for shouting “You lie,” the Democrats in Congress could resolve to support the military by demanding Rep. John Murtha apologize to the eight Marines he repeated slandered as cold, blooded killers.

UPDATE: Freeper ticked noted that SSgt. Frank Wuterich has yet to face trial. Nice catch. Thanks.

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