The Democrats Want Ivan’s Goat To Die

There’s a little parable that perfectly sums up the politics of envy that has consumed the Democratic Party. They don’t care about creating opportunities for people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. They have no interest in making it easier for people to better themselves. Instead, all you hear about from the Democrats is jealousy, envy, and trying to punish people for success.

It’s sort of like the story of Ivan’s goat

Back in the Czarist days of Russia, when serfs tended their poor, miserable potato crops, there were two farmers, Boris and Ivan, who were neighbors. Both lived in abject poverty, dwelling with their families in squalid shanties.

One day while he was in the field, Ivan discovered a magic lamp and, after rubbing it, was greeted by a genie who offered him one wish for anything his heart desired. Ivan was a simple but good man and asked for a goat so that he could have milk for his family. His wish was granted: a beautiful nanny goat suddenly appeared, her belly full of milk.

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Ivan joyfully brought the goat home and celebrated the gift with his family. Boris spotted the goat and Ivan’s happy family and his heart was filled with bitter envy over his neighbor’s good fortune. To his surprise, Ivan visited him the next day and gave him the lamp as a gift.

After Ivan departed, Boris took the lamp inside his hovel and rubbed it carefully. The genie appeared and offered him a single wish for his heart’s desire.

“Anything you want,” said the genie, “be it gold, jewels or a herd of goats – I will give it to you at once.”

Boris didn’t even pause to think. He narrowed his eyes at the genie and responded, “I want that Ivan’s goat should die.”

With liberal Democrats today? Everybody is a Boris…

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