The Essential Lies Underneath Occupy Wall Street

-By Warner Todd Huston

The folks at Fox News made a fantastic video that helps elucidate the lies floated about how wonderful, how pro-America, and how peaceable the Occupy Wall Street “movement” has been. It is important to watch this video for the truth.

The whole nonsense that OWS is a “peaceful movement” is the bigger lie than all of them, too. By John Nolte’s count there have been upwards to 417 serious criminal actions perpetrated by OWSers.

Worse, the claim that OWS supporters make that theirs is essentially a true American movement is also a pile of steaming garbage. Every one of these protests are filled to the gills with communists, socialists, anarchists, and other anti-American “ists.” The people that are the most active simply are not interested in America, its ideals, and its processes. They are essentially un-American.

The way the Old Media has gone out of its way to come to the support of OWS is telling. The same media attempted to destroy the Tea Party Movement casting all sorts of aspersions upon it. Yet, OWS has been by many magnitudes more criminal, more destructive, more anti-American and the Old Media has gone out of its way to be nice to the OWSers.

This pretty much proves the Old Media’s bias against anything conservative, Republican, or center right.

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