The Neverending Campaign Ramps Up A Notch

Childlike Democrats: Call my name! Obama, please! Save us!

Obama: All right, I’ll do it. I’ll save you. I will do what I dream!


Even though the midterm elections are still a year away, President Barack Obama and the White House have started to unleash the fundraising force of the administration for candidates and campaign committees.

Though the president and his advisers continue to look for ways to create jobs in a woeful economy, reform healthcare and devise and implement a strategy for the war in Afghanistan, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are increasingly staying busy working to keep Democrats in office.

Obama and Biden have done well more than two dozen fundraisers for candidates for the House and Senate, the Democratic campaign committees and the two Democratic gubernatorial candidates running this year. About half of them have come in the last month, and the pace is quickening.

Obama and Biden will be making many fundraising stops in the coming week, and certainly in the future. They have decided on a strategy of using Air Force One to take them to supposed official government stops, then popping off to the rallies, so as not to be nailed for the usage of AF1. Meanwhile, their strategy also include holding off on making an actual decision on Afghanistan, supposedly while waiting for the elections to be settled, which could be months, if not over a year. While troops die.

The extra push comes as Democrats find themselves increasingly endangered by tough policy votes on issues that are further dividing the country politically, like healthcare.

Here’s a novel idea: why not listen to what the people are saying, and pass legislation that will serve their needs and make them happy?

One DNC aide, speaking on background, noted that the DNC has still enjoyed significant fundraising “despite the fact that we, at the president’s request, have not accepted a dime from lobbyists or PACs.”

Oh really? Reality says different. The American Association For Justice Political Action Committee (AAJ PAC) has given $771,000 to House Democrats and $133,000 to Senate Democrats during the 2010 cycle. I could easily list many more PACs that have donated, but, hey, the anonymous aid said “not one dime.”

It’s no wonder that Democrats are looking for ways to control the Internet. It is much easier to lie when people can’t take 5 minutes to look the truth up.

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove

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