The Newest Thrill Ride Named Porkulus

Of course, this Washington Times story is less than shocking, but, hey, all you Democrat supporters might want to take notice of the rank partisanship

After a two-week binge to meet President Obama’s 200-day goal, stimulus spending has plummeted once again – and the roller-coaster pace of spending has critics worried about how the money is being spent.

Throughout the summer, the administration had averaged about $4 billion in new spending obligations per week, but went on a two-week $25 billion spree just in time to meet the president’s $225 billion goal for the first 200 days. Spending plummeted to less than $4 billion in the week of Sept. 5 through Sept. 11.

One problem, the only person crowing about Obama’s first 200 days was Obama. The media mostly ignored it, as did the ObamaZombies.

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“As a longtime government-spending watchdog, our experience says that when you expend such large sums so thoughtlessly, you can all but guarantee that significant portions of this money will be lost and never accounted for,” said Leslie Paige, media director at Citizens Against Government Waste. “It is an unconscionable, damaging way to manhandle the taxpayers’ dollars. We wish stimulus Inspector General Earl Devaney good luck and Godspeed in trying to track this money.”

Well, since the vast majority of the Stimulus was an unconscionable, damaging way to manhandle the taxpayers dollars, a few billion missing and never accounted for is actually a sidebar.

Asked whether the $25 billion bump was timed to the 200-day target, Elizabeth Oxhorn, a White House spokeswoman, said spending levels will vary.

“We’re pleased to provide week-by-week transparency on the recovery act, which inevitably will reflect some weeks seeing more activity, and some weeks less,” she said. “The important point is that, when viewed over the long haul, our progress is steady, the program is ahead of schedule, and the results are clear.”

And what, pray tell, are the actual results? Some road fixes and temporary, labor intensive jobs? A 9.6% unemployment rate, which doesn’t even count those who have given up and others who have dropped off the unemployment rolls? Can anyone point to something positive and specific?

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