The Obama Administration: Ignorance Of The Law Is Their Excuse

The ignorance of Barack Obama and the people in his administration is just astounding. Eric Holder has criticized the Arizona immigration law although he admits he hasn’t read it. Now Janet Napolitano is saying it’s a “bad law enforcement.” Unfortunately, both Holder and Napolitano are following in the footsteps of Barack Obama who got the basic facts about how the law works wrong by claiming that, “suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed.”

Here’s the thing: this isn’t one of these 2000 page bills that the Democrats have been forcing through Congress lately. It’s a short bill. You can read through it in a few minutes time. Yet, they don’t feel the need to bother.

However, we’re supposed to believe that these are the very same people who are so intelligent, so competent, and so well prepared, that we can trust them to run half of society. They’ve taken over the car companies, the banks, student loans, and your health care. They’re even deciding what lightbulbs you get to use in your home and they’re talking about picking what news sources you’re going to be seeing.

Yet, they’re failing at everything they attempt. The stimulus bill was a disaster. The BP oil spill? It’s Obama’s Katrina. The Arizona Immigration Law? Not only will they not enforce the law, they don’t want Arizona to enforce the law, and they can’t even be bothered to learn what they’re talking about. If you trust:  politicians:  like that with as much power over your life as they already have, : then you’re a fool and almost as ignorant as the Obama Administration is about the new immigration law in Arizona.

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