The Prattler in Chief, Barack ‘Hessayin’ Obama

Remember back in school when the class braggart began to talk of his conquests in the bedroom and how everyone laughed at his nonsense? Or you have that one that fellow at work that has always done everything and been everywhere and is prepared to tell you about it at the drop of a hat? Of course, the second these guys opens their mouths people roll their eyes and make that opening and closing movement with their hands denoting the blah, blah, blah they are hearing. Inescapably, as they talk they are discounted as full of it by everyone they encounter. It’s all stuff and nonsense, hot air and blather, eliciting sighs of annoyance instead of contributing to useful conversation.

Apparently that guy has become our president. Meet Barack “Blah, Blah” Obama.

President Obama has been everywhere at once laying out his talking points like a B52 carpet bombing Dresden. He’s seemingly on TV 24/7. He’s the Billy Mays of the White House. On second thought, he’s more like the Cliff Claven of Washington at this point.

There he is saying that he fixed the economy. Meanwhile job losses continue to rise every month. Now he’s on TV telling us that we’ll have socialized healthcare for everyone in a few weeks and he makes “deals” with big pharma and others assuring them that it’s all a lock. Yet Congress rolls its collective eyes and tells him his “deals” aren’t binding on them. Oh, wait, there he is over there saying that he’s being all tough on those Iranian dudes, even as the Mad Mullahs consistently thumb their noses at him. Wait, here he is flying off to Copenhagen to cajole them there Olympics fellers into giving his pal Mayor Daley and his Chicago mob buddies the 2016 Olympics… then the IOC laughs him out of the country on the very first “no” vote.

And now we get word that House Democrats have wholly ignored Barack “Hessayin” Obama’s lofty claims that his administration would foster the most “transparent” government evah! House Dems have waived read-the-bill transparency rules more than two dozen times just this year. They’ve done it so often that it seems as if they have already voted “yes” on the next ten bills that Pelosi is going to submit to the floor sometime in the next three years… whatever they might be, and whenever she might get around to having them written. That’ll save some time, right?

Of course, this is in direct violation of President Barack “Blah, Blah” Obama’s claims that all bills would be on line for five days before anyone gets to vote on them. It’s in direct contravention to Obama’s lofty claims of government transparency. He said it, they rolled their eyes.

Seriously, does anyone even listen to a word this president is saying anymore? Is his constant hot air even relevant? Is anything he’s saying based in the real world at all? Or has Barack “Hessayin” Obama just become that guy that everyone rolls their eyes at and otherwise ignores?

If Obamacare is like the Post Office, perhaps the best man to tell us of it all is the Cliff Claven of Washington DC?

He’s sayin’ it, ya know? And if Barack “Hessayin” Obama is talking… well, everyone is rolling their eyes.

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