These Amazing But Sad Photos Show How Quickly Detroit is Crumbling

Detroit looks like Dresden, Germany after the bombing these days, all thanks to Democrat Party policies. But Detroit is deteriorating at a super fast rate and this compilation of Google Street Views of the same areas of the city over a period of just a few years really drives home how bad it is there.

Check this out…

Exeter Street in 2009.

The same address at Exeter Street in 2013.

The Blaze has a bunch more of these amazing and disheartening street views.

Alex Alsup has been pulling together before-and-after images using Google Street View, which has the ability to search back to images taken in past years, and showcasing them on his Tumblr blog GooBing Detroit. Alsup has also used Bing’s street-view tool, a rival to Google’s, said on the blog he is only using Google’s product at the moment.

Here is another pair of photos:

Healy Street in 2009.

The same address at Healy Street in 2013.

Detroit is a mess. And it is going to cost hundreds of millions to fix it.

This year, a joint project between the federal government, the state of Michigan and the City of Detroit conducted a block-by-block survey of the city and discovered that it will cost $850 million just to get a start at tearing down all these fire hazards, these rat-infested, dangerous empty buildings. And guess who is going to pay for that? Yep, you and me. They expect to use federal tax dollars to fund it all.

For more info on that plan, see Breitbart News

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