They’re Socialists, All Right

A favorite theme in horror/sci-fi movies is the demon or alien that can take over people’s bodies. Once the villain has moved to a new host, the body it inhabited previously can be discarded. This is why the old Stalinist vehicle known as the Communist Party USA won’t be needed for much longer. The fiend inhabiting it will soon finish its transition to a new host — the Democrat Party:

In [a Rasmussen] survey of 1,000 adults, nearly half of all Democrats, 42 percent, indicated that they believe the government should “manage the economy completely.”

As for Americans overall,

In total, according to the poll, just 27 percent of Americans believe government should manage the economy. Democrats would do well to note that this small number is not possible to spin into the kind of long-term majority liberal demographers insisted was coming with the election of President Obama.

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Not unless they import millions upon millions of unskilled Third World peasants who aren’t going to let Gringo notions of liberty stand between them and a free ride — which is why our border remains unsecured as Dems plot how to ram through amnesty.

An appropriate logo for the Democrat Party.

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