This Just In, Liberals Are Murderers

-By Warner Todd Huston

What is it that the extremists of the anti-war left, liberals, and Democrats say about the U.S. practice of capturing and detaining terror suspects? Don’t they say that it is wrong and evil? To that end, the left has through constant abuse of our own legal system made it practically untenable to capture and house terrorists in detention centers. And so, the U.S. is now just killing them outright instead of trying to capture them.

Let me say that again: because of the left, we are now just killing terrorists instead of capturing them. The result? Liberals are responsible for what they would consider the “murder” of terrorist suspects.

Yes, liberals are murderers. Now, not only are they baby murderers, but they are terror suspect murderers too. Will the left’s bloodlust never be sated?

A report in the L.A. Times reveals the ultimate, logical outcome of the left’s ill-considered actions against the war on terror. With the plans of closing Guantanamo Bay detention facility proceeding, the Obama administration is finding itself facing a dilemma. What they heck is it to do with terror suspects? According to the L.A. Times Obama faces “bringing them to the U.S. or even killing them.”

The Times relates a case that will surely not stay an isolated incident, even if we can assume it now is an isolated incident.

In one case last year, U.S. special operations forces killed an Al Qaeda-linked suspect named Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan in a helicopter attack in southern Somalia rather than trying to capture him, a U.S. official said. Officials had debated trying to take him alive but decided against doing so in part because of uncertainty over where to hold him, the official added.

The left’s constant attack on the legitimacy of our actions of self-protection, the constant attacks through our own system of law on our national security, has set up a situation where more terrorists will be killed outright because of the uncertainty of what can legally be done with them once captured.

This L.A. Times report coupled with the intense increased usage of unmanned drones that have been loosed to kill dozens of terror leaders and we see an obvious new direction implemented by this administration. It is plain that killing is taking the place of capturing.

In their terms of debate and because of their actions, liberals are now responsible for this wave of deaths of terror suspects everywhere.

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