This Video Could Cost Hillary the Election

This Video Could Cost Hillary the Election

Hillary stepped in it in White Plains, New York: “I just can’t tell you how it feels to be in a room with so many people I do know and have worked with and admired and appreciate to be here in Westchester County having a chance to take a little breather from Iowa.” Clinton left Iowa for two days last week to go to a private fundraiser in New York and then to another one in Philadelphia at the firm of Franklin Square Capital Partners where Jon Bon Jovi gave a performance to help her raise even more money. Guess cash trumps Iowa voters and you can bet they noticed. Bernie Sanders sure did and is nailing her for it. Today is the Iowa Caucus, we’ll see how much that pandering cost Clinton.

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From Western Journalism:

Hillary Clinton made a fast trip to New York on Thursday to attend a fundraiser and, in her own words, “take a little breather from Iowa.”

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Clinton attended a breakfast fundraiser at the headquarters of RPW Group, a real estate development company based in Westchester County, one of New York State’s richest counties. Attendees had to pay anywhere from $250 to the maximum $2,700 campaign donation limit. The event was closed to the media.

However, in an age of electronic devices, there is always someone filming.

I guess Hillary felt she had to go to those fundraisers. Bill has been a failure on the trail for her and an embarrassment. She unleashed a preggars Chelsea who fell flat in spectacular fashion. On Wednesday, a $2,700 per person fundraiser hosted by Chelsea Clinton ended up offering its last tickets at $50 per person. I’ll bet you couldn’t give them away. Hillary is milking this campaign for all its worth. She’ll take money from anyone, including terrorists and communists. She had a private meeting in Texas where she raised tons of cash groveling before Palestinian Muslims. It’s a dead heat in Iowa now between Clinton and Sanders. But she’s playing into his spiel about her being funded by Wall Street. That’s not true… Hillary is a political whore… she’s funded by anyone who can buy influence, not just Wall Street. Leaving Iowa that way was a bad PR move and an even worse election move.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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