Those 3 Occupiers Busted In Chicago Planned Attacks On Obama’s Election HQ, Among Others

I wonder if this information will suddenly turn all those lefties who immediately sided with the “NATO 3” against them

(Chicago Sun Times) A band of out-of-state “domestic terrorists” was accused Saturday of planning to attack President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home – and firebomb police stations and squad cars – declaring that after the NATO Summit “the city will never be the same,” police and prosecutors said.

One of the conspirators warned: “The city doesn’t know what it’s in for,” prosecutors said.

But undercover Chicago Police officers infiltrated the group of NATO Summit protesters in recent weeks. They were with the protesters while they allegedly made Molotov cocktails – bottles filled with flammable liquid that are used as firebombs, sources said.

“We have people watching them do it,” one law enforcement source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The trio includes Brian Church, 22, of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Jared Chase, 27, of Keene, N.H.; and Brent Vincent Betterly, 24, of Oakland Park, Fla. Each was ordered held on a $1.5 million bond Saturday.

They’re charged with possession of an explosive or incendiary device, conspiracy to commit terrorism and providing material support to terrorism. Federal charges are possible, but unlikely, sources said.

Of course, the trio, their lawyers, and left leaning supporters are claiming entrapment and such. Because being caught with a few Molotov cocktails, having purchased gasoline to build them, and having all sorts of weapons, such as a “mortar gun, swords, a crossbow, a throwing star, ninja knives, knives with brass-knuckle handles”, oh, “and written plans for the assembly of pipe bombs” proves that they are simply peaceful protesters. One wanted to purchase assault rifles to “point back at cops”…wait, I thought those types of guns were completely evil in Liberal World?

Alas, Lefties are actually sympathetic towards these “mostly peaceful” comrades, and #NATO3 is trending on Twitter. I’m seeing ones about there being a big conspiracy, about the Chicago PD running over protesters, that this is an FBI plot and the materials were planted, and more silliness. Weird, I figured Liberals would be upset over the NATO3 wanting to bomb Obama’s OFA HQ. How else would liberals get their talking points and marching orders?

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