Toilet Paper ‘Down Under’ To Cost More Thanks To Green Policies

First the greenies came to take away our lightbulbs in the U.S. and force us to buy more expensive ones. Now the greenies are on the march in Australia with the unkindest swipe of all: forcing Australians to pay 42 percent more for toilet paper.

In a report recently put out by Tim Wilson of (.pdf of report), we find greenism being used as a cover to foster protectionist trade restrictions in Australia. Wilson reveals that toilet tissue companies in Australia are using fake green concerns to keep competing foreign toilet paper products from reaching the country. These restrictive polices will cause the cost of toilet paper in Australia to climb as competition is eliminated.

Further he cites the use of fake green policies serving as cover for restrictionist policies in other countries, too. Not just by governments, but corporations and even unions are using fake green issues to serve their desires to dampen free trade internationally.

Of these policies Wilson writes, “increasingly industry and unions are now doing the same. Cloaked behind environmental language industry and trade unions appear to now be colluding with the messages of green groups to advocate for green protectionism.”

But what is the cost of all these protectionists and restrictive green policies? For one thing they retard the progress in the poorest nations on earth as free trade is quashed. These green policies aid in holding back any hope that struggling third world countries will ever be able to grow and improve.

And it’s not just Australia finding this to be true. Every western nation is leaning this way as green policies undermine free trade. The fact is green policies contributes to making lives miserable for the world’s most vulnerable peoples. Sadly, greenism is an anti-human religion, one that too many people have sold their souls to believe in.

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