Top DNC Officials Slammed With LAWSUIT – Things Are About to Get Messy… [VIDEO]

Top DNC Officials Slammed With LAWSUIT – Things Are About to Get Messy… [VIDEO]

The Democratic National Committee’s job is to help get Democrats elected, plain and simple. There’s not supposed to be any bias or impartiality in the process. A new class-action lawsuit, however, is charging the DNC with a laundry list of issues that will have Democrats very worried.

The lawsuit is being backed by multiple lawyers, including attorney Jared Beck, a Harvard Law expert. It claims that the DNC committed fraud, deceptive conduct and negligent misrepresentation during the 2016 presidential election. Beck wants the DNC to repay its donors, as well as supporters of Bernie Sanders, for their contributions throughout the election, due to what Beck describes as a misappropriation of funds.

Article 5, Section 4 of the DNC’s charter requires complete neutrality during the Democratic primaries, but court documents allege that the DNC was not impartial at all. Currently, there is a pending motion to dismiss the case, but there is currently no time frame on when the federal judge will rule on the case.

Former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has attempted to dismiss the suit on multiple occasions, but has repeatedly failed. Her argument? There are no “enforceable obligations” for the DNC to remain neutral during the primaries. “What if Apple went into a court of law and said, ‘We actually don’t believe we have any enforceable obligations to our shareholders,'” Beck said in response. “What do you think would happen to the Apple stock price?”

For their part, it appears that Sanders supporters are also trying to fundamentally change how the DNC operates. “The DNC is not as dangerous as Donald Trump is,” Scott Bolden, a Democratic strategist, said to Newsweek. “Sanders supporters are forceful, they’re vocal, but they haven’t learned how to win yet. The importance of the DNC fraud lawsuit is that it shows they’re trying to change the rules and regulations and the leadership of the DNC so they can win in upcoming elections.”

So, where does that leave the DNC?

“I think the Democrats are still trying to win support from Sanders supporters, and whether they have been successful to date is still an open question,” Bolden said. “You still have this lawsuit. You still have progressive factions who believe they and Sanders were wronged by the DNC. But at the end of the day, you can’t prove he didn’t get enough votes to beat Hillary because of the committee’s actions… What you can do is move forward together, which is something [DNC Chair] Tom Perez and Sanders will have to continue to fight for.”

What do you think about the lawsuit?

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