Trump supporter extinguishes leftist protester street fire, what happens next is sickening

Trump supporter extinguishes leftist protester street fire, what happens next is sickening

Most people are aware that starting fires in public is a crime. But that doesn’t matter when you’re a bitter angry, violent, TOLERANT, leftist protesting Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. According to protesters at #DisruptJ20, laws are optional, which is apparent when protesters lit fires in the street, attacked people and smashed storefront windows during their violent little march in which most of the people were too ashamed to show their faces. Most of the people watching didn’t listen to the message because the message was drowned out by their lack of respect for the laws and innate ability to commit crime that lead to over 200 protesters being arrested.

In one specific incident, of which video has been released, but barely seen, a Trump supporter is physically attacked by cowards in masks who sucker punch him and then take off running.

One small crowd lit fires in trashcans and a Trump supporter used an extinguisher to eradicate the fire. He then spoke to the crowd about how doing things like that is not how you get people to listen.


That’s when the assault happens. Someone tries to steal his “Make America Great Again” hat. Then the Trump supporter gets punched in the head.

Watch the video of the Trump supporter being attacked by a violent protester.

Weasel Zippers reports – More than 217 rioters were arrested, 6 police were hurt, including three with head injuries from having things thrown at them.

The Trump supporter was calm, talking to people and put out a street fire. At what point was the man a threat? He was so nice that he didn’t even spray the crowd with the fire extinguisher. Those extinguishers that use the powder are NASTY. If you get sprayed in the face with one of those, then your entire day might be ruined.

He should’ve sprayed people with it, but then that would make him just like the childish protesters.

While I would’ve loved to watch him fight back, it would’ve sent the wrong message.

This Trump supporter had a lot more patience than most. I’m almost certain many of us would’ve fed that protester a knuckle sandwich followed by a dessert tray of extinguisher powder.

I guess that’s why over 200 protesters were arrested and you don’t hear reports of Trump supporters being arrested.

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