Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Clueless Liberal College Student – Leaves Him Stuttering [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Clueless Liberal College Student – Leaves Him Stuttering [VIDEO]

Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Their claim to fame in Obama’s America is taking down all the United States flags on campus. First off, what a disgrace to the blessing of being American.


Second – get the hell out of our country then. Am I right?

Here are the details surrounding their disgusting decision.

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They believe that the American flag, the flag of our great country, represents bigotry and further more hatred and oppression. Of course, they choose to believe this from the comfort of their safe warm homes, while eating their food a plenty and planning their next family vacation to Disneyland.

So oppressed.

Fox News interviewed Daniel Vogul, a student who pays $65,000 per year in tuition to become a history teacher, who tried to explain why his support for this disgusting move at the school is valid.

Then, anchor Tucker Carlson took the opportunity to teach the ungrateful asshat a lesson. It is beautiful.

“If the police and the army would go away, sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive,” Carlson said. “You find America unfair, okay, what’s a fairer country? Can you think of a country where you’d rather go on trial for a felony?”

“Do you have perspective on the world?” Carlson pressed.

Ironically, Vogul responded by citing the importance of conversations in media about democracy. This is ironic because he is talking about utilizing the gift of our First Amendment and SURPRISE SURPRISE, that is EXACTLY what the American flag represents.

Check this video out. If you watch the entire interview, I assure you, it will be worth it.

I don’t think I need to say much more after what Tucker just said…

I shall exit stage right and call it a day.

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