Tuesday Funny: So, How’s That Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame Movie Doing?

The answer would be: beyond dismal. This bit of fanciful fluff, which attempts to paint Valerie Wilson as just a normal mom before 9am, to some sort of international spy flying around the world putting out fires, being involved in firefights, like James Bond, during the day, opened Friday, November 5th, and, pulled in a whopping……….$651,082. For a movie that stars Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, and had such hype, it managed to end up in a total of 46 theaters, meaning movie theaters realized that this wacko liberal fantasy movies are wastes of money. I’ve seen the idiotic preview several times over the past few months when I went to the movies, yet, not one theater in the Raleigh area has it. Shocker!

And yes, it did cost $22 million to make and opened at #15. Meanwhile, Jackass 3-D still made almost $5 million over the weekend, after being out for three weeks.

What brought on this post? Well, I was looking at my Flixster app, and noticed that Fair Game was all the way down in “Also In Theaters” section, despite its release last week. Also, the two bullsh*tters have peeped their heads up with the press George Bush has been getting over the release (today) of Decision Points

Former U.S. Ambassador Joe Wilson blasted recent comments President George W. Bush made to NBC’s Matt Lauer regarding the CIA leak case.

“The President, by the way, is wrong in saying he let the jury’s verdict stand. He did not,” the husband of outed agent Valerie Plame told The Last Word.

Yeah, the “outed” office sitter who was featured on Wilson’s own Who’s Who In America page.

Wilson still begs to differ. “Scooter Libby did not serve a day in jail. And by commuting his sentence, he removed from Scott Fitzgerald any remaining pressure that Fitzgerald had on Libby.” Wilson continued, “The obstruction of justice prevented Pat Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor, from finding out the underlying truth in the betrayal of Valerie’s identity.”

Fitzgerald knew who the leaker was within a few months of the start of his investigation: Richard Armitage. And did nothing. No point in rehashing the whole thing, suffice to say that the Wilson’s 15 minutes of fame are over, Fair Game should disappear from all theaters within a week, and sit collecting dust on the movie store shelves, as even liberals aren’t interested.

They even whined about Dick Cheney not apologizing to them. Not sure what he had to apologize about, but, whittle wiberals always need some sort of validation of their feewings, the poor babies.

BTW, how’s Decision Points doing? #1 on Amazon, baby! It is released today, of course. Can’t wait till the NY Times list comes out, with the book at #1. There’ll be lot’s of drinking at the Fish Wrap building.

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