Two Democrats Officially Under INVESTIGATION by Ethics Committee

Two Democrats Officially Under INVESTIGATION by Ethics Committee

The media is focusing almost solely on the investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia, but they’re ignoring that two Democrats are under investigation as well. The House Ethics Committee is trying to determine if these two liberals were guilty of wrongdoing, but that’s being kept quiet..

Rep. Ben Ray Lujan from New Mexico and Rep. John Conyers from Michigan are both being accused of unethical actions. Lujan is being investigated for his role in the House sit-in last year and it is believed that he used photos of the protest in campaign donation solicitations. Using an image of a member on the House floor to raise money for a political campaign is illegal.

The complaint was brought by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), but Lujan’s communications director, Joe Shoemaker, fired back, saying it was “frivolous” and “partisan.”

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“This announcement is the result of a frivolous complaint, filed by a highly partisan outside group about activities during the sit-in last year—a complaint that is without merit,” Shoemaker said in a statement. “Congressman Luján is committed to abiding by House rules, is confident he has done so in this case, and looks forward to a timely resolution by the Ethics Committee.”

As for Conyers, he’s being investigated due to Cynthia Martin, who previously served as one of his top aides. $16,500 was “mistakenly” placed into her bank account and she refused to return it. Martin pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, but the Committee is still reviewing her departure from Conyers’ office.

“From April to August 2016, Cynthia Martin received compensation from the House of Representatives at a time when she may no longer have been working for the House,” the complaint read. “If Ms. Martin accepted compensation that was not commensurate with the work she was performing, then she may have violated House rules and standards of conduct.”

But those two aren’t the only ones under investigation — Michael Collins, chief of staff for Rep. John Lewis, is also under investigation for being Lewis’ campaign treasurer at the same time he was serving on his congressional staff.

It’s not much of a surprise that corruption runs so deep in the Democratic party, or that the media would cover it up. But it’s good to remember this whenever Democrats begin shrieking about Russia — Democrats have plenty of their own skeletons to uncover.

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