Two More Stories on Stupid Liberal Schools

PCism is for idiots. It really is just that simple. It’s bad enough when you find it in the private sector with silliness such as sensitivity training. But at least there, adults can just ignore the stupidity and carry on. When it comes to PC indoctrination of our impressionable kids, well that is another matter and one not so easy to just laugh off.

Unfortunately, the disease of liberal PCism is so pervasive in our schools that we could do a story every single day on the newest outrageous display of liberal lunacy masquerading as education. Today, I’ll relate two of them.

Story One: Old Glory Not so Glorious

Dateline, Orange, Massachusetts where it is apparently an elementary school child is not allowed to draw a U.S. flag to honor his siblings in the army because… wait for it… a U.S. flag might offend another student.

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Young Frankie Girard has reported that his art teacher told him he was not allowed to draw and hang a drawing of Old Glory in his classroom at Butterfield Elementary School because the flag was “offensive.”

The school completely denies the claim, of course. Still, it is kind of hard to assume that an elementary student made up such a story and in this climate of the state of our mis-educational system, the story is eminently believable.

Story Two:Zero Tolerance for… Logic

Tools are evil. So says Maryland’s Easton High School where two kids on the school’s Lacrosse team were dealt with harshly for having a penknife and a lighter, they say to be used to repair their Lacrosse equipment.

It’s the idiocy of “zero tolerance” raising its ugly head once again. Yes, it’s that simpleton’s policy that is meant more to get school officials out of having to make real decisions than it is to “protect ” anyone.

Easton High Lacrosse team member Graham Dennis was absurdly “charged as a juvenile with possession of a deadly weapon and was suspended for 10 days” after school ninnies found a penknife in his equipment bag. The boy said he only used the small knife to repair his Lacrosse stick. The idiots school administrators decided that he was a mass murderer, instead.

But this instance was a twofer of idiocy for school officials. Classmate Casey Edsall had the gall to have a lighter in his bag — this boy also said it was for repairing his Lacrosse stick — and he was treated as a Nero about to burn the school down by these zero tolerance halfwits.

This is our miseducational system. But it isn’t just the extremist liberals in charge of our schools that are at fault. We can also blame the lack of tort reform in this nation. Every ambulance-chaser in the country just loves to sue everyone and his brother and that has to stop. This overly litigious society helps form these idiotic policies the pantywaists in our schools are leveling on our kids.

The absurd legal climate coupled with the lunacy of liberal school administrators have turned our schools into the laughing stock of the developed world.

(H/T for story 2: Inside Charm City blog)

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