U.N. Attacks Israel’s ’Deeply Disturbing’ Search For American Teen Kidnapped By Palestinian Terrorists

Imagine, you have three innocent teenagers kidnapped right out of your country and when you try to go look for them the United Nations condemns You, not the kidnappers. This shows how immoral the UN really is because that is what is happening in Israel right now.

The Israelis are trying to track down their missing boys and the stinking UN attacks Israel and says nothing about the Muslim terrorists who started this whole situation with their criminal behavior.

The UN’s human rights office on Friday urged Israel and its adversaries to exercise restraint amid a crackdown on Palestinians during a hunt for three Jewish teenagers missing in the West Bank.

U.N. urges Israeli restraint in hunt for teens, warns of violence Reuters
Palestinian leadership pays price of Israel hunt for teens AFP
Israel presses Abbas over kidnaps, cracks down on Hamas AFP
Israel detains 37 more Palestinians in West Bank crackdown Reuters
Israel kills Palestinian teen in escalating West Bank arrest raids Reuters
“Clearly these boys need to be found, that’s totally understandable, but the scale of operations and the number of people they are affecting is deeply disturbing,” said its spokesman Rupert Coville.

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“We reiterate our call for strict adherence to international law by all relevant actors and join others in their call for restraint,” he told reporters.

The three teenagers went missing on June 12 near an Israeli settlement bloc close to the city of Hebron.

The world should be outraged by what Muslims do. Instead we get coddling.

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