UN Climate Summit, Cancun, Mexico: Climate Conmen Sending You Back 100 Years

As most of you know last week I was down in Cancun, Mexico reporting on the U.N. Climate Change Summit (officially called COP16/CMP6). It was several days of sun, surf, and U.N. conmen. I am back in the saddle here at home but Friday I went from the warm white sands of Cancun back to the cold white snow of Chicago. Where’s all that global warming when you need it?

At least I have the modern conveniences of natural gas to keep my house warm and coal and nuclear-fired electric to power my electronic entertainment and work devices both. Unfortunately, if the con in Cancun is successful we may no longer have such luxuries.

One of the last places I visited in Cancun was the Villa de Cambio Climatico — or in English the climate change village. The exhibit was sponsored by the Mexican federal government and was set up in order to indoctrinate Mexico’s school children in the ways of environmental hokum.

At the exhibit we found what was presented as the ideal eco-friendly house. Of course, it was suitably small as the enviro-Nazis most certainly don’t want anyone enjoying a bit of elbowroom in their homes though it did have space for a few modern niceties. It had a tiny computer area, an actual flush toilet, and a four-foot-tall refrigerator that looks like it might be able to store enough food for two or three days.

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But it was the laundry-room that took the cake.

You see, the enviro-nuts have decided that you should not be allowed to have a washing machine and a dryer, nor much of a water heater (the house featured a tiny five-gallon water heater). Instead of the modern convenience of a washer and dryer they’ve graciously allowed you to have a concrete tub with a washboard built into it. To dry your clothes they want you to use that original solar device: a clothesline.

Additionally, the gray water from washing your clothes is supposed to be diverted to your back yard so that it can water your little subsistence garden — because, you know, you shouldn’t be allowed to buy food. You’ll have to grow it yourself. Grocery stores are déclassé, after all.

So, yes, the enviro-wackos want you to step back in time about a hundred years and eschew the modern convenience of a washer and dryer. I am surprised they didn’t just advise us to take our clothes down to the river and beat them with some rocks.

As my friend, colleague, and traveling companion Melissa Clouthier said of this enviro extravaganza:

The eco house of the future looks a lot like the past except bleaker. While the lefties kvetch, hopefully the capitalists are creating some life saving, energy sparing, option-expanding technology. My bet’s on them.

I suppose it is no irony that these techno-luddites held their soiree in the land of the Mayas, famous for their debauchery and bouts of human sacrificing. After all, the enviro-religionistas want to kill us all, too. We evil humans are messing up their beloved Gaia, their Mother Earth, dontcha know!

In any case, I am happy to be home where there aren’t dozens of armed soldiers everywhere I turn and where I can crank up the heat (or the air conditioning) whenever I want.

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