Unfazed Over Her Criminal Actions, Now Hillary Joking About ‘Disappearing Emails’

The former criminal Secretary of State is now making jokes on the campaign trail about disappearing emails, brazenly rubbing America’s face in her criminal actions.

During a campaign stop in Clear Lake, Iowa, Hillary made a joke about the iPhone ap called “SnapChat” that automatically erases messages after they’ve been sent.

After a week of bad press surrounding her email server Hillary Clinton returned to Iowa this evening, dukes up, hitting Republicans in Congress who have taken her to task over Benghazi and her secret server, GOP frontrunner for president Donald Trump and the Super PACs working against her.

And she’s ‘just getting warmed up.’

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Clinton embraced the brouhaha over her private server at the Democratic Party ‘Wing Ding’ in Clear Lake, Iowa, and mocked Republicans accusing her of acting sinisterly.

Noting that she recently opened a Snapchat account, Clinton joked, ‘I love it. Those messages disappear all by themselves.’

Why, heck, ain’t she just the funniest??

There is no such thing as shame or being embarrassed when you are a Clinton.

But government investigators don’t think her criminal actions as Sec. of State are so funny. They say that Clinton put the security of the nation at risk by sending classified information over her unsecured private email account instead of using the proper, encrypted government system.

Warner Todd Huston

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