Union Blocks Red Cross Blood Donation

In their greedy desire to steal even more money from employers one union has even gone so far as to block Red Cross blood donations from getting to a hospital as well as picketing blood drives from private companies. In other words, these union thugs have put money and their quest for power above the health, welfare, and medical needs of real people.

As BigGovernment.com reported a few days ago, union workers for Red Cross have been picketing locations in an attempt to disrupt Red Cross Blood Services operations. In one case, the Red Cross was blocked from delivering blood that was supposed to go to save the life of a two-year-old child.

The unions were so disrupting delivery of life saving blood that the Red Cross had to resort to the courts to stop the union thugs from stopping them.

The whole fight seems to be over pay raises and the Red Cross says that they’ve already cut the salaries of non-union employees and its time the unions shared the sacrifice. In this bad economy everyone is suffering but unions refuse to bend to reality and would rather see a two-year-old child die for lack of life saving blood than to give an inch like everyone else has to.

This is the logical, and disgusting, end result of unionism.

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