Union Operative That Wants ‘Financial Panic’ and Communism Still Working at SEIU

You may remember back in March that an audio tape was released upon which an SEIU operative expressed his desire to destroy the American economy by creating “financial panic” and overloading the system. This, it was proposed, could lay the groundwork to turn America into a perfect communist society.

The union operative in question was a guy named Steve Lerner and he works for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The fact that it is he “works” for the SEIU is certainly news. After all, when the tape was released we were all assured that Lerner was fired by the SEIU because of his communist-inspired rambling.

However, we have since found out that this anti-American nutcase has not been fired by the union. In fact, he was present at a recent executive board meeting.

So, we have a union thug that has outright said that his goal is to destroy the American economy, yet the union sees no reason to fire him from his high position in the union?

Just remember, folks. THIS is what unions are.

This is what Lerner said not long ago:

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